Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Fabrications

We at Zagmat Fabrication Works are known for delivering high-quality stainless steel solutions. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to manufacture a wide range of exceptional solutions for a large number of local industries, including the marine, industrial, environmental and architectural sectors. 

Why choose us

  • We provide high-quality stainless steel fabrication services

  • We are dedicated to presenting our clients with stellar solutions

  • We are a one-stop-shop for all kinds of stainless steel fabrications

  • We pride ourselves in offering high precision, accurate and qualitative works

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Servicing & Maintenance

General Maintenance

From rust removal services to general maintenance solutions such as blasting and galvanising – we can do it all

On-Site Repairs

We can present you with a choice of on-site repairs and alterations on a range of stainless steel creations of your choice 

Installation Services

Whenever we at Zagmat Fabrication Works carry out a project, we also offer our installation solutions to go hand-in-hand

Our Services 



From pipeline control equipment to corrosion-resistant storage units for both offshore and onshore use, we offer our services to the marine, oil and gas sectors for a range of functional services



As leading fabricators we are able to provide you with a choice of services for automotive plants, industrial, manufacturing factories and distribution sites. Creations include access stairs, gates and mechanical solutions 



We are able to create a range of quality food-grade stainless steel creations for the food processing and catering industries. From working stations to machine frames and equipment creation 



We are able to create a wide array of piping in a range of sizes and bends. We provide mechanical stainless steel plumbing services, along with the bending of stainless steel structures at 360° and 90° 



We are able to present you with stainless steel spot welding and MIG welding solutions. These processes are designed to join different components into one using heat, electrodes or gas. We can also create filler parts 



From stainless steel corrosion-resistant plumbing pipes to sturdy kitchens, balustrades, staircases and handrails, we at Zagmat Fabrication Works can provide you with bespoke creations for domestic uses